Leasing Options
Leasing is a financial arrangement where you pay a fixed amount over a period of time (typically between three to five years) to a leaser to cover the cost of purchasing IT equipment.The terms of the lease can be tailored to suit your individual needs and has many benefits over traditional outright purchasing, some of which are explained in more detail below:

Tax Advantages
Lease payments are 100% tax deductible unlike outright purchases which can only make use of writing down (depreciation) allowances.

Improve Cash Flow
Leasing gives companies the option to make use of new equipment through affordable fixed payments. It helps preserve capital resources, spread costs and reduces your working capital requirement.

Preserve Credit Lines
Leasing is an additional source of funds for you. It leaves your lines of credit and cash balances fully available for other essential business needs.

Our leasing packages can be structured to meet you budget requirements enabling successful forward planning.

Protect against obsolescence
At the end of your lease we will upgrade your equipment to the latest technology without a change in price. You will never worry about outdated hardware again.


Complete cleaning, mechanical testing, adjustment and fine alignment designed to eliminate unnecessary service calls. This service is provided at least once per year whether you place a service call or not. We can also provide additional scheduling to meet the needs of your company!

All Labour
All labour for the entire year is covered. This eliminates the need to pay hourly rates that can be very expensive for software related problems or overhauls.

Unlimited Service Calls
This ensures that regardless of how many times your machine fails, it will be back up and running quickly without any delays and without any additional charges.

Quick Response
All service calls are responded to within 4 hours. This will ensure that your personnel are back to the job they need to do the most.

With a service agreement from Britannia Office Systems you know exactly what your maintenance charges will be for the entire year. There are absolutely no hidden charges. Everything is covered with exception of Acts of God and abuse.