Hewlett Packard 800

The 42″ HP Designjet 800 is perfect for architectural firms, engineering departments and other technical groups relying on fast, accurate illustrations, precise line drawings, and high-resolution renderings.

Key Features

HP Designjet 800 Series plotters are network-ready, and contain a “virtual computer” inside, which boosts productivity by doing all of the file processing work, thus, freeing up the computer quickly. The HP Designjet 800 plotter  Producing color images at 85 square feet/hr (D-size fast mode) and line drawings in just 60 seconds the 800 uses its 96MB of RAM and 6GB of hard disk space to its advantage when it comes to getting media out the door. The 800’s precise ink placement technology ensures crisp, sharp lines and text. As you combine the great features of this plotter with HP’s color layering technology, you can create smooth color transitions and photo-quality results.  The included Media Bin and Printer stand will give you an extra level of convenience.


  • Print Size: 42″ x 150′ Max.
  • Print Speed: 36 Sq. Ft. Per Hour
  • Resolution: 2400 x 1200 dpi
  • Memory: 96 MB (160 MB Max.), 6 GB Hard Drive
  • Connectivity: USB, Parallel and 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet
  • Environments: PC, AutoCAD and UNIX