Hewlett Packard 510

The DesignJet 510 is Hewlett-Packard’s most affordable standalone printer. Perfect for small studios printing large-format CAD / technical documents.

Key Features

HP Designjet 510 24″ 610mm A1 Plotter Printer CH336A

HP Designjet 510 builds upon HP’s best-selling Designjet – the HP Designjet 500 – offering the same reliability and high quality with enhanced functionality and ease of use. Designed to preserve line and text quality, the HP Designjet 510 Printer series features HP-GL/2 in-printer processing technology that frees up computer resources and minimizes network traffic, eliminating printing delays. The new printer processes files up to four times faster than the previous model and delivers sharp black-and-white and color drawings.

HP Designjet Printer 510 Key features and benefits

• Provides high-quality large-format prints with high reliability at an affordable price, saving the expense, hassle and time it takes to outsource prints.
• Prints A1-sized line drawings, plans, schematics or maps on a variety of  large-format printing materials in as little as 55 seconds
• The HP Instant Printing Utility 1.0 and HP-GL/2 enable users to create, store and reprint CAD projects conveniently without reconfiguring settings – thereby avoiding trial and error.
• Users can easily submit HP-GL/2 files straight from their desktop with a single right-click. HP Instant Printing Utility supports multiple or batch printing and facilitates reprinting jobs quickly.
• Impress clients with a four-color, high-resolution (2,400 x 1,200 optimized dpi) printing system that delivers fine line quality and high accuracy
• Process complex files easily with the expanded 160 MB of memory upgradeable to 416 MB.
• Delivers complete compatibility with the latest applications and operating systems, Windows® drivers optimized for AutoCAD and Mac drivers; standard interfaces and optional network capability allow the HP Designjet 510 Printer series to be seamlessly integrated.
• A choice of 28-ml and 69-ml HP color ink cartridges enables cost-effective printing matched to customers’ needs. Reliable HP supplies minimize interruptions and changing ink cartridges can take less than one minute.
• Separate ink cartridges and printheads at a low price and efficient servicing routines available without any need to replace maintenance tanks keep running costs down.

ch336A hp designjet 510 plus printer (24″)
ch337A hp designjet 510 plus printer (42″)